15 Projects You Can do Using Old Wooden Pallets

Wooden pallets have become one of the most used materials when carrying out a multitude of DIY projects Using Old Wooden Pallets thanks to being a very versatile and economical material, which can be used to manufacture from a simple shelf, to a sofa or bed for our garden. Virtually everything that goes through our head, we can make it happen, with the significant savings of money that this means for the economy of any home. It is only necessary to have the necessary tools and a lot of desire to work.

Before starting to show you the list of ideas we have collected about projects that can be done with old wooden pallets, we want to make a recommendation, and that is not all pallets are valid, since we can find some that are in a unfortunate state, being easier to discard them than to try to use them. In addition, in some cases there are also wooden pallets that have unwanted guests inside, some insects that can later give us more than one headache, so these also better leave them aside. Having said that, let's start with the list we have prepared for you.

Projects Ideas Using Old Wooden Pallets

Recliner armchair made of wood pallets

 In every garden or outdoor patio, especially in those houses that enjoy a magnificent pool, it is essential to have a reclining deckchair to sunbathe. The option to buy it is the easy way, but after seeing this great idea that we bring you, it will be taken out of your head, wanting to make your own.

Shelving for the entrance of the home from Pallet

A little entrance has become a primordial piece of furniture that must be in every house when we enter it. We can leave the keys, the mail or anything else. This example that we leave you made with old wooden pallets and painted black, can be an economical solution but with a very good result.

Comfortable for the bedroom 

If we are thinking about changing the appearance of our bedroom, think about the game that can be used with wooden pallets, for example to create this simple chest of drawers where we can store our things.

Support for towels from wooden pallet

In this case, the idea that we bring you is designed for the bathroom, since we can use it to organize our towels. A very simple idea but that will give a very special touch to this corner of the house.

Trash from Pallets

Tired of traditional garbage cans? If so, we bring you this great idea with which to make your own cube made of recycled wood. A place to throw all our waste. Anyway, to avoid you throwing unnecessary things, I invite you to read the entry where we explain 12 ideas of things that you should never throw away.

A wooden table

If you are looking for ways to give a rustic touch to your living room, making a wooden table with your own hands can be the solution. In addition to pallets, you can also do it with many other things.

Armchair for the living room

We return to the living room, but this time to show you an example of an armchair that we can manufacture by reusing pallets. For more comfort, do not forget to place some kind of cushion.

Finally, and thinking about the smallest of the house, we can choose to manufacture a multifunctional center for children, so that they can be entertained when they have nothing to do.

If you liked what you have seen and want to start making some furniture made with wooden pallets, we leave the following video published on YouTube by the user Re-creates Palets where some of the tools we need to carry out are explained. any project. Which of all the ideas with wooden pallets that we have left you is the one that has most attracted your attention?

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