Tables With Original Pallets and Very Easy to Make

Tables with pallets - here we offer some ways to transform the pallets into unique pieces of furniture. When we look for a coffee table for the home or any other table in the market innumerable options are offered to choose from. However there is a different kind of tables - the Tables with Pallets Very Easy to Make that will give a special style to your room.

Here we give you the 3 reasons why you should choose a coffee table with pallets:
  1. You can easily build it yourself: instead of buying a pallet table, you can easily opt for a coffee table with DIY pallets.
  2. A table of this type can also be made using materials that cost less than 25 euros, which is why it is very affordable.
  3. The pallets can also be used for the construction of auxiliary tables as in the example. The white paint serves as a visual division between the drawers and the frame.
To be more specific we will see what materials you need to create one with your own hands and without the help of a carpenter.

Design of tables with pallets and Very Easy to Make

easy to make original pallet with tutorial

Wooden pallets Tools such as pencil, screwdriver, drill, saw, hammer, etc. Safety equipment such as safety goggles and gloves Glue Table legs Plywood with thickness of 1/8 inch.  All these materials and tools are quite affordable and will help you create a very economical pallet table with pallets. In addition to the economic part do not forget that this table will have a unique style and will be a source of pride and satisfaction for its creator.

Although the name of the table we want to create is wooden coffee table, it can also be used for a variety of other purposes. For example, it is the perfect option for your living room if you have a low sofa.

diy recycled pallet garden sofa

Therefore, if you are looking for a coffee table for your living room, the coffee table with wooden pallets is the perfect choice and you can even think about creating it yourself using the DIY materials described

Wooden pallets have existed for decades as part of packaging to ship and store large and heavy items. However lately the wooden pallets have become much more important than a piece of packaging used only once. They have become a useful resource in decorating and designing the home.

The pallets are used by both professionals and beginners who love DIY jobs. And they are also used to create almost all types of furniture and decorations. From wall coverings to large and small furniture and home decoration accessories, wooden pallets are used for very varied projects with the same successful result.

DIY handmade pallet shoe rack

diy pallet storage friendly buffet

diy tallet table and tv stand

Table with recycled pallets of dining room

Create an original table with four wooden pallets. With its simple and rustic look the pallet table is functional both for indoor use and for outdoor use. The table can be customized according to the necessary size, and its design can change as you build it (Be sure to choose wooden platforms that have not been chemically treated.) Finish with oil, wax or a polyurethane varnish to achieve durability and strength out in the open.

coffee table upcycled from pallet

Easy table made of pallets

This particular table is made of two 4x4 pallets, a beam cut into 4 pieces, four rotating wheels, L-shaped supports and screws. The result of this easy DIY is fabulous. It can be used as an outdoor coffee table in the garden or as a mini dining table.

easy coffee table from original pallets

Other tables with easy pallets

Here they see an extremely easy-to-make coffee table made of two pallets, stacked and screwed on top of each other. Then some wheels were added to the bottom and it was finished. Depending on the type of wood pallets they use, you could create a similar coffee table of a more or less rustic style to match the design style of your home (or you could paint it another color entirely).

making a outdoor pallet coffee table with easy

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