Easy Steps to Turn a Pallet into an Outdoor Patio Bench

Hello to everyone! We love designing and building furniture, household items, decorative objects ... a little bit of everything, come on! For this we use and give new life to materials that would otherwise end up in the trash, mainly pallet wood and construction. diy wooden pallet outdoor bench   

In this first, we are going to show you an outdoor bench made with a single pallet and some loose boards. For some time now, an acquaintance of ours asked us for a couple of them to place in front of his house and, as we liked the result very much, we decided that this would be the first of our works to be published. After all ... who does not like to have a nice bench in their terrace or garden?

Easy Steps to Turn a Pallet into an Outdoor Patio Bench

Easy Steps to Turn a Pallet into an Outdoor Patio Bench

Here you can see one of the benches in our workshop, once assembled and ready to give the final finish. Notice that the seat retains the unmistakable shape of the pallet. The other half of this was used to form the backrest, and with some loose boards we made the legs and the crossbars that reinforce them, in addition to the armrests. All united with screws and abundant tail.
wood pallet outdoor bench double chair

diy park or garden bench made of pallets
Then we cover them with pine colored putty the holes left by the nails and other defects of the wood. Once dry, a gentle sanding was done to eliminate roughness, trying to respect as much as possible the patina left by time and the use in the wood. To make them more decorative we gave them a good pass with the blowtorch, in this way we highlight the grain and they are much more beautiful! We also protect the wood a little more by hardening it.

wooden pallet garden benches

Next, we painted the benches with mahogany exterior glazing. Using a dark shade protects the wood even more from the sun's rays. And to ensure more waterproofness we gave them a good hand of natural oil once the lasur was dry.

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