Design Your Furniture with a Wooden Pallet Ideas

Recycling is becoming increasingly part of modern society, and that's a wonderful thing. Furniture with a Wooden Pallet Ideas. The way we handle and preserve the environment around us says a lot about who we are as a person and what lifestyle we want to lead. In this article we present a way to build beautiful furniture for your garden that also advocate the reuse of materials and ecological awareness.

Wooden pallets are a simple, easy, economical, ecological way and create original furniture in the outer space of your home. The versatility of the material allows you to create very interesting pieces, paint them, decorate them, remodel them or leave the original material. Wind up your imagination and get the garden furniture you've always wanted, taking advantage of an incredible format and easy to adapt material.

Design Your Furniture with a Wooden Pallet Ideas

Sofas for the garden from Pallet

Sofas for the garden from Pallet

With the use of wooden pallets as a building material for a sofa in your garden, you can create sofas of all styles and complexities. Small sofas, large sofas, simple sofas or more elaborate sofas as seen in the image. Taking advantage of the simplicity and characteristics of the material, you just need to apply your talent and imagination to build a unique outdoor furniture. But as the fundamental idea of ​​a sofa is to create a shelter, do not forget to join the textiles and cushions as this will ensure the comfort of this new piece.

Chairs for the porch

Chairs for the porch

A simple chair, but one that can make a difference on the porch of your house or maybe in the pool. It can be very nice to rest a couple of hours or sit and watch nature. It's almost rudimentary, but very functional and you can build it yourself. In this project, only two wooden pallets were used, one horizontal to serve in a seat and another vertical to serve as a backrest. You can use paint or add pads to make it more comfortable. Choose what best suits your porch and create a functional, beautiful, original and economical piece.

A table for the garden

A table for the garden from wood pallet

The table is probably the easiest piece of furniture to build with wooden pallets. In fact, it is not necessary to add large elements to a table to create a table. But if your idea is to create a more complex and complete project, you can add other materials such as glass or wheels. You can sand the wood of the pallets, paint them or leave them in their natural color. According to your needs, you can even build drawers to have an additional storage area. Play with the material and its potential.

Palettes painted

Sofas from wooden pallet painted

One way to make your furniture made with wooden pallets more interesting is to paint them. The color is able to transform the original material and make a lot of difference between something that does not fit and something that connects perfectly with the decoration. In the case of garden furniture, you can play with colors that combine with nature or create a contrast with other decorative elements. Use colors according to the environment you want to create and how much you want to highlight the object. Transforming the environment depends on your creativity.


vases from pallet

 In addition to furniture, wooden pallets are an excellent way to create solutions for the storage of plants. The plants give life and joy to any environment and is a way to create your small plots with an ecological and economic material. You can use plants, flowers or aromatic herbs, either vertically or horizontally depending on the location and what you want to use ... this will always be a unique and fun way to build your small garden. But do not forget to waterproof the wood, as it could be exposed to adverse weather conditions and deal with moisture when you have to water the plants.

There are several advantages of using wooden pallets in the construction of your garden furniture. First, in these times when environmental concerns are increasing, the use of reusable materials is valuable. With this technique we are not only doing just that, but we are giving a new life and a new function to an object.

It is also a very economical and easy to perform solution. A solution that uses the best of our imagination and creativity, besides forcing us to put our hands in the realization of our own ideas and have more personalized and original pieces.

Since we are talking about a material that previously had another function, which is often the transport of products with potentially harmful components, it is necessary to take some precautions before use. The most important thing is the cleaning and treatment of the wood, and of course to use products without toxic components for the treatment of pests and bacteria that can attack the pallets. In fact, all the disadvantages of using pallets are related to the precautions we must have before use, to which we must pay special attention if we have children.

How would your furniture be made with pallets?

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