Furniture Made With Pallets, Ideal for Terrace

A very popular new trend is that of recycling, reusing materials and giving them a new life is a way to create new things with great economy. Outdoor furniture made from wood pallets. One of the most used materials for recycling are wooden pallets. These often become waste after a merchandise is delivered by a supplier to department stores or hardware stores, they can even be collected at no cost to become a great solution for your terrace or garden furniture.

The wood of the pallets can be reused easily, the slats can be separated, sanded and painted, obtaining quite acceptable finishes for use in outdoor furniture. For example, this game room, with a couple of palettes, a bit of lead gray paint and a few meters of orange cloth, we will have a special corner in our patio.

The pallets can be used as they come from the warehouse, respecting their original structure consisting of a series of wooden scantlings to which slats, also of wood, are attached at the top and bottom. The structure is particularly rigid and can be smoothed with a series of cushions made to measure. To decorate and make everything more comfortable we can always add more cushions.

The color white is a great tone to use in a garden or patio. Although it is a delicate color, the contrast between white and green is very intense and at the same time relaxing. It is worth having a corner like the one created by the specialists of Neus Conesa Interior Design in this garden.

Outdoor Decorating and Furniture with pallets

Outdoor Decorating and Furniture with pallets

The pallets not only serve to make nice sofas, they are very practical to create coffee tables, a couple will be enough to have a perfect height, these can be joined in different ways. We can also decorate spaces with these structures, obtaining environments with a very romantic rustic style.

Stacking pallets to have a better height

Furniture Made With Pallets, Ideal for Terrace

DIY Outdoor Patio Furniture from Pallets

DIY Outdoor Patio Furniture from Pallets

If we want more height for our sofa, it will be enough to join two or three pallets vertically to be able to sit more comfortably. We can simply stack the pallets or fix them with a few nails and the result will be very comfortable. Of course there should not be many pillows missing.

These furniture can be as flexible as we need. A great idea is to put furniture on a pair of wheels, it will be very practical to be able to move the furniture easily, considering that the pallets are heavy and therefore the furniture made with pallets are usually difficult to move.

Treat wood correctly

diy pallet outdoor furniture treat wooden

It is important to know how to treat the wood of the pallets so that the result is the desired one. This wood comes in a very rustic way, we can sand it and even apply a sealer before painting the wood. If we apply the paint with a gun and a compressor, the result will be much more homogeneous.

A beach solution

diy pallet outdoor beach decor

This furniture is a practical solution for a terrace on the beach. The wood of the pallets is usually very resistant to water and sun, so they resist quite well to the weather. It will be enough to remove the cushions and voila, the furniture can spend the night on the terrace without this causing us many problems.

So you know, if your budget is low but your desire is high, pallets can be the solution you need to furnish your terrace or garden. See more ideas to decorate your home without spending a lot of money.

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